Healthy Muscle Fire up with Kettlebell Workouts


Getting fit, working out, and training are just some of the words you can encounter when you want to look healthy and attractive. Of all the workout program and equipment available in the market, there is one that would probably ring a bell to you – the kettlebell workout.

You may ask, what the heck are kettlebell workouts? A kettlebell is simply an iron ball that contains a handle above it specifically used to lift this specific kind of equipment, hence a kettlebell workout is a type of physical workout that uses the kettlebell; as simple as that.

With kettlebell core workout , any man or woman can do a lot of things. Whether you are trying to improve your strength, power, muscle bulk, mobility, balance, or simply anything, you can do it with kettlebell.  Many workout experts these days recommend this piece of equipment or this style of workout plan.

In this article, we are going to know about some of the workout styles using the kettlebell equipment. Please note every important detail for every move or routine will have its own focused benefit.

Kettlebell Swings

This is the most common exercise done using the kettlebell strength training. Contrary to what most people think, this is a posterior and lower body exercise wherein you are going to utilize your gluteus muscles and hips to swing the kettlebell up and down in between your legs. Of course, this still uses the muscles in your arms but the main focus is on your posterior and lower body muscle parts.

Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Another form of that would focus on the lower body part. However, if the kettlebell swings concentrate the muscle on the posterior lower body area, the Kettlebel l Goblet Squat will target the anterior portion.  The routine is pretty simple actually. You just have to hold that kettlebell at your chest level and have the up and down squatting action. Bend the knees or get as low as possible for best results.  Additionally, even though the target of this kettleball exercise is the lower body, it is still great for the core and abdominal muscles.

Kettlebell Push ups

Most likely, the earliest style of workout is push up. But unlike the regular push up, kettlebell push up will require you to exert more effort, thus gives better effect on the arm and chest muscles.  It works by one arm on the kettlebell while doing the push up. This form of kettlebell arm workout makes everything in the arm with the kettlebell gets fired up – the strength, stability, and more. To know more about kettlebells, visit


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